Armenia is a wonderful and ancient country, hiding behind the Caucasus Mountains, everyone must see and enjoy its proud beauty. For many centuries, the best architects of the world built beautiful buildings, which today have become popular attractions. Despite strict customs and unlimited respect for centuries-old traditions, Armenia does not lag behind world trends. Residents and guests of the country can enjoy colorful and vibrant nightlife: bars, restaurants, discos, strip clubs and the best casinos in Yerevan.

The whole nightlife of Armenia is concentrated in Yerevan, numerous top-class restaurants, night clubs, lounge cafes, bars will give the opportunity to enjoy nightlife to the fullest. Restaurants and bars are located in Yerevan on the top floor of skyscrapers, where you can not only have a great rest, but also enjoy the beauty of the city from a bird's eye view.

Such nightlife places are especially popular in Yerevan:

1. Bars

2. Strip bars

3. Lounge bars

4. Restaurants

5. Gambling houses

Bars in Yerevan are really popular, all the youth of the city flows here, which, is not incidentall, in Yerevan there are more than 30 universities, from where more than a million people graduate. This is despite the fact that only two million people live in the city.

Lounge bars are designed for lovers of quiet pastime. Pleasant music, top-level service will provide an opportunity to talk and relax from the hustle and bustle in a pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurants of the capital will please even real gourmets, it is enough to choose the right place with author's cuisine.

A special place in the entertainment world of the country is occupied by casinos. For many years, casinos have been located in the very center of the city, but since 2015, all casinos have been operating outside the capital. However, this does not prevent to attract more and more people. The peculiarity of this location is that often the casino is a part of an entertainment complex, which locates with high-class restaurants, five-star hotels, and scenes for guest star performances. All this allows you to fully plan your vacation, and with the most comfortable conditions continue to have fun.

The most popular casinos in the country are:

1. Shangri La

2. Senator

3. Golden Palace

Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La of is the largest and most elegant casino in Armenia, which is famous for its high level of service. The establishment makes it possible to choose a game of chance for every taste and budget. Shangri La has a huge selection of various slot machines for gaming, as well as the opportunity to play bohemian poker, roulette, as well as dozens of different games.

The unit is just right the outside of the city border. The entertainment complex includes everything you need for a full VIP vacation. The casino runs a unique restaurant with author's cuisine. Poker fans come here for the poker club, where tournaments are held almost every day. Live music and original entertainment is another advantage for the guests.

More than half of the visitors of Shangri La, Darren Keane, the CEO of the company said, come from abroad, because they know about the excellent service of the unit and the best conditions for guests.

As you understand, the nightlife palette of Yerevan is diverse and tempting. After intense trips to historical and cultural sights, you will be pleased to have fun and relax, having plunged into the warm embrace of the capital of Armenia. Whether you prefer to listen to music, drink a cocktail, play your favorite games or dance the night away with the locals - in Yerevan you can always find what you like.

Источник: Anatoliy Valnasar April, 2, 2019