When making a college application, even small things may seem like a big deal. This is particularly true when you are required to write an application essay, a task that is meant to give the application process a personal touch.

After all, an essay is supposed to mirror your thoughts and experiences so that the person reading it knows who you are even before he meets you.

Some applicants usually agonize over the best way to consolidate their thoughts. In fact, it is often difficult for some people to decide the number of paragraphs to include or whether the essay should be a narrative. If this sounds like you, simply find experts who will sort it all out for you within a very short time. In this guide, we will go over the basics of formatting your college easy.

Formatting a College Essay: Margins and Fonts

Formatting an academic essay depends on whether you are required to transfer your content to a text box or simply upload a word document. If it is not clear which one it is, check whether it was included in the application document.

Most institutions allow students and applicants to submit the actual paper, which allows you a lot of control over formatting. However, it is not always advisable to submit paper applications unless there is no other alternative.

Regardless of your submission option, ensure you draft the essay in a word, as it is easier to keep track the number of the word you are expected to write. If you have to copy your work to a text box, triple check to ensure everything moved correctly.

On the other hand, if you are expected to attach your document, follow the required format. At this point, spacing and margin are very important. In the event, you decide to get academic help from experts who specialize in college essays, be sure to provide all the information needed, including the type of formatting required.

Structuring your College Essay

If you are not that concerned by issues such as font and prefer to focus on the structure of your essay, then here is what you need to know. There is no secret formula for writing a great paragraph or making your writing experience easy.

However, writing an essay accords you the freedom to shift your structure around as much as you would like and break away from the five-paragraph norm. Your essay should have a catchy introduction that also provides the readers with a good idea of where you will lead them. The conclusion should provide a recap of what the essay was all about.

How you work through the body of your easy is entirely your choice. You are free to structure the easy so that it reads like a narrative and bring in your own experience. Alternatively, essays read and sound great if you employ a long-drawn-out analogy. That means making each of your paragraphs a section of your main analogy. Ensure you stick, broadly, to the fact that your paragraphs should have a main idea.

Other formatting criteria apply regardless of how you submit your essay. Unless your professor expressly requests, you do not have to provide a title. Otherwise, your word count will reduce, especially if you write a long title.

Stay away from cutesy or extremely colloquial choices such as using capital letters or pointless symbols. Your easy has to look and sound professional. Anything that is excessively cutesy or too casual will sound immature.

Essay Templates Are a Bad Idea

If you prefer not to pay for a paper but instead choose to find a template online that closely matches what you want, please think about it critically. Your easy will end up sounding canned and very bland. Instead, just take your time and critically think about the best way to say what is in your mind.

Then, talk to someone and find out how you can structure you easy to match what you would like to say. Alternatively, you could write samples outlines and pick the one you like best before you sit down to write your essay.

If that does not work, go online and fine sample essays. Look through each one just to get an idea on how to go about writing yours, but do not pattern your work close to any of the samples you found. Your easy will stand out if it fully mirrors your voice and any experience that has meaning to you.

Wrap Up

Writing a killer easy is not rocket science. However, the fact that it is going to be read by expert eyes makes it a daunting task, which can make you feel inadequate. The good news is you do not need to panic. Simply find a guide such as this and get some pointers to guide you in the right direction. Alternatively, you can turn to expert essay writers online.

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