In the issue of family disagreements, the specialist assists in several questions.

Marriage and Property

Questions related to marriage. This includes the parties entering into a legal marriage, being in the status of spouses, or the dissolution of this marriage.

Disputes, associated with property and non-property relations between spouses. In this case, we are talking about disputes arising from the need to divide the property that was acquired by the spouses jointly in the process of being married. This can also include family disputes about the preparation or terminating marriage contracts, concluding agreements on the division of property, and so on.

The divorce attorney fort collins knows exactly how to take into account and apply the facts - the period of acquiring the property, the funds for which it was acquired. And also how correct to divide the family business.

If it was not possible to voluntarily agree on the spouses 'common property division. For example, by concluding a marriage contract or an agreement on the spouses' common property division. Then the services of a qualified family lawyer are required. The lawyer knows a variety of nuances. The experience of past court cases will be used to achieve the set task.


Questions related to the alimony obligations of any family members. Both the parent and the adult children can get the role of the applicant. The injured party in such disputes may be one of the spouses, including after the dissolution of the marriage. A child support attorney fort collins can help you go to court in the interests of one of the spouses. A family lawyer understands how to establish and recover child support.


Questions related to the rights of minor children. This category of lawyer's activities includes cases of deprivation of parental rights, situations related to the adoption of a child, determining the conditions for communication between a parent or both parents with a child, obtaining permission to leave the child abroad, and so on. As well as cases on establishing the child's place of residence. The court must be provided with the maximum amount of evidence: the conclusion of the guardianship authority, a testimony of witnesses, income and characteristics of parents, certificates, and letters from an educational institution, a children's clinic, and the like.

This category of cases is difficult. By using the legal services of lawyers and child custody attorney fort collins, you can count on getting rid of many difficulties with the least loss. Timely appeal to lawyers in a family dispute is an opportunity to objectively assess the prospects and risks, the consequences of a change in the status of spouses, and also to minimize costs

Источник: Аnton Mukha December 25, 2020

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